The #1 Dog Essential

Squeeze, hydrate, save water. It's that simple. This is a dog's must have.

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Paw Protections

A dog's paws are the foundation upon which they stand. Keep them moisturized, protected, and aided when healing using our paw balms.

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Natural & Organic Protection

The barrier between your dog and unwanted guest.

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Got an early sample of these products and WOW! Can't wait to order up!!


Got the sample from BB last week!! We haven't put the collasable water bottle down LOL. It's genuis !


The super all natural and organic paw balm is perfect for my pup Chew! Ready for the official launch. Congrats, Brian Banks!!


This store is about to blow up !! Thanks BB (:


The natural flea and tick spray actually works! We're here in Tenesse and it's doin' the job! Need the 8oz asap!!


The water bottle may be the best thing I EVER seen for dogs! Thanks for the sample (:


LOVED the samples! Need that bundle asap ! My dog's loved the samples. And the water bottle is needed. No more carrying bowls around.